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Fuel prices reach new record highs – with petrol at 171.1p a litre and diesel at 181.6p, data shows

Average petrol prices have reached a new record high of 171.1p a litre, new figures show.

The average price for diesel reached 181.6p a litre on Thursday, according to data firm Experian Catalist – another record.

Filling up a typical 55-litre fuel tank with diesel now costs about £100, while for petrol it is about £94.

RAC fuel spokesperson Simon Williams said: “While the chancellor chose not to intervene on fuel prices earlier this week, drivers continue to pay around 30p a litre in VAT alone.

“It seems very unfair that the Treasury should benefit so significantly at the expense of hard-pressed motorists who are struggling to make ends meet because of sky-high pump prices.”

AA spokesperson Luke Bosdet said the only silver lining for motorists is that driving in the summer is less demanding on fuel consumption than in winter due to warmer engines and less of a need for using heaters and wipers.

“If drivers can get more miles out of a gallon of fuel, the savings are big,” he said.

“There are 12 gallons in the typical tank.

“Saving one mile per gallon, with around 10 miles from a litre of fuel, saves a litre of fuel.

“The 171p from that litre divided by the 55 litres in a tank equates to a 3p-a-litre saving at the pump.

“Well worth moderating and smoothing your speed, leaving more space between you and the guy in front and driving away from the lights and roundabouts a bit less aggressively.”



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