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Prince Andrew named in High Court ruling on case featuring elderly woman and Turkish businessman

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife have been named in a High Court ruling on a case featuring an elderly Turkish woman and a Turkish businessman.

A judge has been told that “substantial funds” were paid to the Duke and Duchess of York.

The pair were then named by deputy High Court judge David Halpern in a recent ruling on the case, which covers a dispute between Nebahat Isbilen, who is in her 70s, and London-based businessman Selman Turk.

Mrs Isbilen had required assistance moving her assets out of Turkey after her husband was put in prison due to his “political affiliations”, the judge was told.

Former banker Mr Turk had agreed to help Mrs Isbilen to relocate her assets out of reach of Turkish authorities.

The elderly woman has since alleged that Mr Turk “breached fiduciary obligations he owed to her” and “advances claims in deceit”.

The litigation is ongoing, with Mr Turk fighting the case, but a number of preliminary rulings have been published.

Judge Halpern said a lawyer representing Mrs Isbilen had told him, in an affidavit, that information had emerged to show evidence given by Mr Turk was “misleading”.

He said solicitor Jonathan Tickner had told him how evidence showed that “money was used for purposes unconnected with Mrs Isbilen, e.g., substantial sums were paid to Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and to Sarah, Duchess of York”.

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The judge added that barrister Dan McCourt Fritz, who represents Mrs Isbilen, had told him the “total sums which his client claims were misappropriated” amounted to some $50 million (about £38 million).

“Mr Turk has provided explanations for approximately two-thirds of these sums, most of which have been allegedly spent on professional or other fees or lost in bad investments,” judge Halpern added, in his ruling.

“No explanation at all has been given for the remaining one-third.”

A spokesperson for Prince Andrew said they were unable to comment on an ongoing court case.



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