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Raab to unveil crackdown on dangerous criminals with parole board reform

The justice secretary is expected to unveil a crackdown on dangerous criminals and bring back powers to override parole board decisions.

Dominic Raab will announce a package of landmark reforms in the House of Commons today which will set out how certain criminals will face ministerial scrutiny.

It comes after public outcry over the decisions to release double child killer and rapist Colin Pitchfork and London taxi driver and rapist John Worboys from jail.

Worboys release was later formally overturned while Pitchfork was recalled to prison for a breach of licence conditions in November.

Offenders serving life sentences, indeterminate sentences for public protection, extended sentences, and certain recall cases are all subject to the parole process, meaning their release must be directed by the Parole Board.

The new reforms are expected to take back powers to override the Parole Board when it comes to the release of dangerous criminals from jail.

It is thought that Mr Raab will take a “precautionary approach” towards the release of prisoners, offering more prescriptive guidance on when they should be freed.

New powers could also see ministers check releases in cases involving murder, rape, terrorism, and causing or allowing the death of a child and allow Mr Raab to block decisions in certain cases.

Victim participation in hearings will also see victims given the right to attend parole hearings in full for the first time – as set out on the Conservative Party’s 2019 manifesto.

The parole board will now be required to take into account submissions made by victims and they will be allowed to ask questions in the submissions.

The aim of the reforms is to focus on protecting the public rather than the rights of offenders.

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Mr Raab said: “As Justice Secretary, I have the responsibility to keep the public safe but to do this I need to be able to exercise authority when it comes to releasing dangerous criminals.

“I’m not satisfied our current approach is as robust as it needs to be which is why I am making changes to restore public confidence in the system.”



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