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NHS tracker postcode search: See how your local trust is performing through the winter

The NHS faces pressure across all sorts of services every winter, but almost two years into a pandemic and these strains are felt more deeply than ever.

Check out how many beds your local trust has spare, how long people have to wait at A&E, and how that compares to the national picture.

If you live in England, enter your postcode or trust name below:

In England as a whole, there are fewer beds occupied with COVID patients compared with this time last year, but the percentage of free beds is still low.

The number of people attending A&E has been at high levels for the last few months, after dropping during 2020 when people were encouraged to stay away from hospital.

However the figure for December 2021 is lower than any since 2015 at this time of year, apart from the pandemic-affected 2020.

The percentage of people waiting more than four hours in A&E is also at a record high.

The number of life-threatening ambulance incidents was also at a record high in December.

The average waiting time for life-threatening calls was better than in October but still among the worst on record.

Due to strains on the system, lots of planned operations have had to be cancelled. The waiting list for treatments has been growing for more than 18 months and has now topped six million for the first time.


The lookup works by finding the hospitals that are closest to you and working out which trusts run services there. In some cases, trusts operate services at hospitals that are some distance from where they are based.

The lookup currently only works for trusts within NHS England, as timely data on beds is not available for the other UK nations.

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