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COVID-19: Javid says ‘play your part’ and get a booster jab – as the UK is again in a ‘race’ between the vaccine and the virus

Sajid Javid has urged the British public to “play your part” and get a COVID booster vaccine – warning that the UK is “once again in a race between the vaccine and the virus”.

The heath secretary told Kay Burley that cases of Omicron are growing at a “phenomenal rate”, which is why the government is expanding the booster programme “to a level never seen before in this country”.

Mr Javid said the plan is for jab centres to be open for at least 12 hours on every day of the Christmas holidays, apart from Christmas Day itself.

“We have got to act early,” the health secretary added, telling Sky News that ministers are “throwing everything” at the booster rollout, which is “more important than ever”.

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Mr Javid later told Kay Burley that there are currently 10 people in hospital with Omicron.

“At this point in time I cannot confirm a death,” he added.

His comments came a day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that everyone aged 18 and over in England will have the chance to get their booster vaccine before the end of the year to combat the threat of rising Omicron variant cases.

In a pre-recorded national address, the PM said he was launching the “Omicron Emergency Booster National Mission” to encourage everyone who is eligible to “get boosted now”.

Mr Johnson said every adult who had their second vaccine at least three months before will now be able to book a booster jab from Wednesday.

The NHS website was repeatedly crashing on Monday morning.

Some walk-in centres will be open from today for all adults, on the same day that work-from-home guidance is reintroduced in England as part of the government’s Plan B measures.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Javid said scientists now know that “two doses are not enough” to protect people from the new variant.

Questioned on how the government plan to ensure all those eligible for a booster jab can receive one before the New Year, the health secretary told Kay Burley: “We are going to have even more vaccination centres, we are going to open all vaccination centres seven days a week for at least 12 hours a day – some for many, many longer than that – some for perhaps even 24 hours.

“Over the Christmas holiday period… I don’t think they are going to open on Christmas Day at this point. The current planning is to open them every other day.”

Mr Javid continued: “We are throwing everything at it. And can I just please say this to your viewers – please play your part, this could not be more important. We need to win this race against the growth of this virus.”

Asked by Kay Burley how many people are currently in hospital with the new Omicron variant, the health secretary said: “In England there is about 10 people that are confirmed in England with Omicron.”

Pressed on how many of these individuals are on ventilators, he added: “I don’t have the answer to that question.”

Mr Javid continued: “At this point in time I cannot confirm a death.”



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